1. Birth / Death Certificates

    Access details about birth and death certificates.

  2. Elections

    Obtain information about elections.

  3. Landlord Registration

    Register as a landlord.

  4. Marriage / Civil Unions

    Attain a marriage and civil union license.

  5. Parking

    View Convent Train Station parking information.

  6. Pet License

    Get a dog or cat license.

  7. Public Safety

    View the Police, Fire, OEM, and Morris Minute Men pages.

  8. Schools

    Learn about the Morris School District.

  9. Tax Assessments

    Browse through the details of tax assessments.

  10. Taxes

    Access information about your taxes.

  11. Transportation

    Gather details about transportation services.

  12. Trash & Recycling

    Obtain information about garbage, trash, waste, and recycling.

  13. Voter Registration

    Learn how to register to vote.

  14. Volunteer Application

    File a Volunteer Application with the Township