Planning Board Members

The Planning Board has nine members and two alternate members. Two of the Board members who participate on a regular basis are municipal officials, the Mayor and a representative from the Township Committee. All members are appointed by the Mayor. 
 Members Term Expires
Rick Haan, Chairman 2016
Peter V. Mancuso, Mayor's Designee 2016
Louise T. Johnson, Committee Member 2016
Jesse Kaar, Class II 2016
Franz E. Vintschger, Vice Chairman 2016
Anthony Romano 2019
Laurence.D. Bobbin 2017
Jeremiah J. Loughman 2017
Linda Murphy 2019
Andres Benvenuto, Alt. 1 2016
Todd A. Goldberg, Alt. 2 2017
Steven K. Warner  Attorney
 James R. Slate Engineer
 Paul A. Phillips, PP, AICP Planner
 Sonia Santiago Secretary