Pool Rules

Pool Rules

  1. All bathers, including babies, must wear bathing suits in the swimming pools. Cutoffs will not be permitted and suits must be hemmed.

  2. Infants and children not toilet trained must wear plastic pants over diapers or training pants.

  3. Shirts of any kind may not be worn in the pool while swimming.

  4. NO CHILDREN 5 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER ARE PERMITTED IN THE WADING/ BABY POOL WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION. Children using the baby pool must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children over 8 years of age are prohibited from using the baby pool.

  5. Members are allowed in the pool only when lifeguards are on duty.

  6. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied and attended by a responsible adult who must remain with them at all times.

  7. No artificial floating devices or paraphernalia, including toys, balls, rafts, inner tubes, swimmies, snorkels, facemasks, fins, and the like shall be allowed in the pools.

  8. Any person having a communicable disease, open blisters, cuts, bandages, sore or inflamed eyes, ears, nose, or mouth infections, excessive sunburn, or any type of skin disease will be excluded from the pool area.

  9. Any person experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or having had any signs or symptoms of a gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past seven (7) days should not enter the water.

  10. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any "accidents" you may observe in the bathing waters to a lifeguard.

  11. Adult swim will be held 15 minutes before each hour on the hour. Diving boards will be open for adults only.

  12. Do not talk to on-duty lifeguards except in case of emergency. Climbing on lifeguard stands is prohibited. In case of an emergency, notify the nearest lifeguard and follow his/her instructions.

  13. Expectoration, roughness, rowdiness, running, profanity, or other conduct affecting the safety, welfare, and comfort of others shall not be permitted.

  14. All persons shall shower before entering the water.
General Rules

  1. Identification (ID) cards must be presented at the gate and scanned for admittance to the pool complex.

  2. Members must be present at the pool while their guests are in attendance.

  3. No pets, except Seeing Eye dogs, or other animals shall be allowed in the enclosed pool complex.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the pool complex, including the parking lots. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the pool complex.

  5. Where food and drinks are permitted, no glass containers shall be allowed. Barbeques and grills are prohibited. All food and beverages must be consumed in grass areas only.

  6. Sun umbrellas of any type are prohibited.


    Ginty Pool: by the fence of the men's restroom area
    Streeter Pool: by the area between the fence and stone wall.


  10. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

  11. No person shall comb his/her hair within the pool deck area. Hair curlers are not permitted in the pools.

  12. All litter, paper, or debris must be placed in trash containers.

  13. No soliciting is permitted in or around the pool complex.

  14. Failure to abide by lifeguard's or pool manager's instruction may result in membership suspension or revocation.

  15. Valuables should be left at home. The Township of Morris is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property of members or guests.

  16. Dressing and undressing will not be permitted in the parking lots. Dressing and undressing are permitted only in the dressing rooms.

  17. Bicycles must be parked in bike racks adjacent to the main gate.

  18. No gum is allowed in the pool or on pool grounds.

Diving Rules

  1. Diving is permitted in the diving area only.

  2. Swimming is not permitted in the diving area.

  3. Excessive bouncing on diving boards is prohibited.

  4. No retrieving of objects from the bottom of the diving area.

  5. Divers are not to congregate on the diving board. Only one diver at a time is allowed on the diving stand.

  6. Each diver must wait until the previous diver has surfaced and cleared the diving area before attempting to use the diving board.

  7. Diving from the sides of the diving boards or from the diving stand is prohibited. Diving is allowed in designated areas only.

Sliding Board Rules

  1. Participants must climb up the steps in forward direction.

  2. Only one person at a time is to go up the steps and only one person is to slide down at a time.

Restroom Rules

  1. Children ages 5 and under must be accompanied in the restrooms by an adult at all times.

  2. All "accidents" must be reported to the manager's office immediately.

  3. Turn off showers when finished showering.

  4. Boys over 8 years of age are not permitted in the ladies restroom/dressing room areas.

  5. Boys under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a female adult when using the ladies restroom/dressing areas.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

  1. Regulations shall be posted at both pools and be strictly enforced.

  2. The pool manager or the recreation director may temporarily close or clear the pool in the event of a emergency, such as inclement weather or an electrical storm.
  3. The pool manager has the authority to prohibit any action in violation of the rules listed above and the authority to expel a member from the pool. The recreation director has the power of revocation or suspension of pool privileges. The pool manager and recreation director have the authority to summon local police for assistance when necessary.