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Posted on: December 2, 2016



Dear Residents,

As the Automated Trash Collection Program is completed, the Department of Public Works is implementing several changes to the Trash and    Recycling collection services in 2017.  The most significant change is a reduction in number of required trash collection days.  The new program affords us the ability to increase trash collection stops each day, resulting in fewer days required to collect trash.  Beginning in January, 2017, our DPW will collect trash on a four day per week basis, Monday through Thursday.  Some of our residents will continue collection on the same day as in previous years; approximately two-thirds of our residents will be assigned a new day for trash collection.  Please refer to the Municipal Calendar or online, for your street and trash collection schedule.

We will not be collecting trash or recycling on holidays as we did previously.  For 2017, trash collection that falls on a holiday will now be collected the following day. Each subsequent collection day will be pushed to the following day for the work week.   For example, New Year’s Day is observed on Monday, January 2, 2017.  Therefore, Monday’s trash has been rescheduled to Tuesday, and Tuesday’s to Wednesday, and so forth for the remainder of the week. Recycling remains the same as in 2016, except for holidays.  The DPW has made the following change:  If your recycling collection day falls on a holiday, it will be picked up on your next normally scheduled day for recycling collection.  Recycling collection services scheduled for Monday, January 2, 2017 (New Year’s Day observed) are rescheduled to Monday, January 9, 2017.  The only exception is Monday, February 13, 2017 which is Lincoln’s Birthday.  In this case we will collect both Monday, February 13th recycling and Tuesday, February 14th recycling on Tuesday, February 14th.  Refer to your Municipal Calendar or online, for information on your specific collection day.

The same principle used for a holiday will apply in the event of inclement weather, such as snow and ice storms, and hurricanes.  If collection services are suspended due to weather, your recycling is your next normally scheduled day, and your trash collection will be the next day. For instance, if a snow storm forces us to suspend trash collection on a Monday, Monday’s trash will be collected on Tuesday, and Tuesday’s on Wednesday, and so forth for the remainder of the week. Recycling will be picked up the following week.

The large item collection of furniture, mattresses, rugs, etc. for calendar year 2017 will be on a once-a-month basis, except for the month of November.  In November, our crews will be dedicated to the Leaf Collection Program, and the large item collection service will be suspended.  Residents will be required to notify Public Works at 973-326-7398 to schedule a large item pick up.  Refer to the Municipal Calendar for the designated collection week for each month.

For all questions and concerns, please call the Department of Public Works at 973-326-7398 or visit for announcements and updates, and sign up for electronic notification at

Sincerely yours, Tom Eschmann, Superintendent.

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