About TAC


is the nickname of Morris Township’s Transportation Advisory Committee. TAC’s first accomplishment was getting set up. Writing the Ordinance that established TAC and the Policy that outlines TAC’s scope of work took months of discussion and wordsmithing to finalize. 

TAC held its first meeting on December 16, 2019 and began its work in earnest in January 2020. 

TAC’s primary goal is to explore and recommend ways to improve walking, biking, driving, and parking in our town. One important purpose of TAC is to give residents more of a voice than they’ve ever had in working together with our professionals to identify workable improvement recommendations. Another important function of TAC is to provide a forum for residents to ask questions and share concerns about specific locations that are important to them. 

TAC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Each meeting includes two Public Comment times – one at the beginning and one at the end of the meeting. 

  • You can view past and present Agendas and Minutes HERE.  
  • You can view TAC’s members HERE.    

Some of TAC’s major accomplishments include:

2020 Mobility Survey 

 Traffic Calming Policy

This document serves to establish and promulgate the policy of the Township of Morris regarding the deployment of traffic calming measures on those streets for which the Township of Morris has jurisdiction; and set forth uniform application and processing procedures.  

 Loantaka Bike Loop

 A safe and well-marked with several sections’ car-free travel path for riders. Over five miles of fun for friends and family through the park around the South-Eastern section of the Township with connections to many recreational activities.


TAC’s goals for the year ahead (2022) include:

  • Complete Streets: Develop and pass a Complete and Green Streets Policy for our town by the end of 2022.
  •  Website: Create an informative and inviting “one stop” site for all things transportation in Morris Township. 
  • Bike Loops: Finalize signage and other improvements to make the Loantaka Bike Loop a permanent presence in our town with a target opening date of June 2022.
  • Begin work on a Fairchild Bike Loop with a target of finalizing all arrangements and making it a permanent presence in our town by the Fall of 2023.