Recycling Collection

Automated Recycling Program

Things to Know for the "Single Stream" Recycling Collection & Automated "Single Stream" Recycling Collection Program

  • Recycling is picked up weekly; see street list schedule for your collection service day
  • Recycling should be placed at your curbside no later than 6AM of scheduled collection day (Memorial Day to Labor Day curbside by 5:30AM). Remove carts by dusk of your collection day
  • Keep cart away from all obstructions, face arrows towards the street and allow 4 ft. of space on all sides of recycling cart
  • Do not place near mailboxes, leaf piles, snow banks, under trees or in close proximity to containers or vehicles
  • All recyclable materials (paper, plastic, metal, glass, cartons) can be placed loosely into the blue automated recycling cart for curbside collection
    • Paper: Newspapers/ Magazines • Junk Mail/ Office Paper • Corrugated Cardboard (breakdown) • Cereal/Cracker/Cookie Boxes • Milk/Juice/Ice Cream Containers (rinsed & clean) • Phone Books/Paperback Books • Brown Paper Bags • Paper Egg Cartons
    • Plastic: Containers (Bottle & Non-Bottles) Coded: #1, 2, & 5. Refer to "Recycle Plastic Coded 1,2,& 5" below for more information. No plastic bags.
    • Metal: Aluminum Cans • Steel (tin) Cans • Foil & Pie Pans (cleaned)
    • Glass: Glass Bottles & Jars (remove lids & caps)
    • Cartons: Refer to "Recycle Cartons" for more information
  • Place all recyclable materials loosely into the blue automated recycling cart with or without paper bags, please no plastic bags
  • DO NOT tie or bundle corrugated cardboard, clipboard(cereal and shoeboxes...), junk mail, magazines, or newspapers 
  • Cardboard must be cut down to fit into the cart as to allow all materials to flow freely during the collection process 
  • Rinse all cans, bottles, cartons, and jars 
  • Blue Recycling Cart is for recycling only! 
  • Recycle Plastic Coded 1, 2, & 5 / Recycle Cartons!
  • What goes where? Trash or Recycle?
Automated -Single Stream- Recycling Program (1)

Things to know for residents not issued the blue designated recycling cart for the Automated Recycling Program:

  • Recycling is picked up weekly; see street list schedule for your day.
  • Recycling should be placed at your curbside no later than 6 a.m. of scheduled collection day. From Memorial Day to Labor Day recycling should be placed at your curbside by 5:30 a.m.
  • Newspapers, including inserts, need to be tied in bundles with string, not exceeding 50 pounds per bundle.
  • Magazines and junk mail should be tied in bundles or put in paper shopping bags. Bundles and bags can be put into standard trash can with lid appropriately marked. Be sure to include junk mail with the magazines, and no hard cover or telephone books allowed.
  • Corrugated cardboard, chipboard, or brown shopping bags should be broken down and tied the same as newspapers. Chipboard includes cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and the like.
  • Glass food jars, beverage bottles, aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, only plastic items classes 1, 2, and 5 are accepted in recycling. Be sure to rinse and place in a weatherproof container, such as a standard 32 gallon type garbage can with lid and handles. There is a 50 pound limit per container. No plastic or paper bags are allowed to be used as containers.
  • Recycling drop-off center is located at the Department of Public Works. All recyclables are accepted including appliances, clothing, electronics, light metal, and used motor oil,

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