2023 Expired Bids

Bid #Bid Opening DateBid ProjectBids Received Awarded to 
RFQ-2023-01Jan 10, 2023Instructional Youth Sports ClassReceived Instructional Youth Sports 
US Sports Institute
RFQ-2023-02Jan 10, 2023Instructional Youth Tennis Class and CampReceived Instructional Tennis
US Sports Institute
RFQ-2022-04Jan 11, 2023Laboratory Services 
Bids Received ALS Environmental
RFQ-2023-01March 7, 2023Swim Pool Landscaping ProjectBids Received 
Fullerton Grounds Maintenance LLC
OTE: 2023-01March 28, 2023Sussex Ave & Woodland Ave Sidewalk ProjectBids ReceivedNava Construction, LLC
QPA: 2023-01April 12, 20232023 or newer Ford Utility Police Interceptor Vehicles or Equipment 
Bids Received 

Bids Received 
AJM Contractors, Inc. 
QPA: 2023-02May 5, 2023Re-Bid 2023 or Newer Ford Utility Police Interceptor Vehicles or Equivalent

Addendum No.1
Bids Received 

OTE: 2023-03June 1, 2023Walnut Street Reconstruction Project 
Bids Received Midwest Construction Inc.
OTE:2023-04June 13, 2023Drainage, Curb, & Sidewalk Improvements at Various Locations - 2023 General Services Program 
Bids Received Nava Construction, LLC 

Notice of Intent to Award Contract Under a National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement

QPA: 2023-03Sept 14, 2023Tree Planting Services 2023 
Bids Received 
Cerbo's Parsippany Greenhouses Inc. 

Notice of Intent (Sourcewell /National Auto Fleet Group)

OTE:2023-05Oct 11, 2023Southgate Parkway Resurfacing ProjectBids Received
Riverview Paving Inc. 
QPA: 2023-04Oct 25, 2023Health Department Renovations

Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2 
Bids Received 
Northeast Construction Services, LLC 
OTE: 2023-06Oct 11, 2023Police Department Gasoline UST Removal and AST Replacement Project 

Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Bids Received

T. Slack Environmental Services Inc. 

Notice of Intent (Award Contract under a National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement)

OTE: 2023-07Dec 6, 2023 rescheduled to Thurs, Dec 7, 11 AMGregory Avenue, Kennedy Road, and Pine Tree Lane Project

Date Change
Bids Received 
Midwest Construction Inc.

Notice of Intent  (Notice of Intent to Award Contract under a National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement) 

QPA: 2023-05Dec 13, 2023Sludge Hauling Services 
Woodland & Butterworth Sewage Treatment Plants
Bids Received Spectraserv Inc.
OTE: 2023-08January 10, 2024Woodland Sewage Treatment Plant Clarifier No. 2 Upgrades (see 2024 Current and Expired Bids for Bids Received and Awarded)

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