Citizen Participation in Morris Township Committee Meetings

Morris Township’s governing body – the Morris Township Committee - welcomes engaged citizens and active citizen participation at our meetings. We hope the information included here will help you voice your opinions on issues that matter to you.


The Morris Township Committee meets at 7:00PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 

Township Committee Meeting Dates / Agendas


A draft agenda is posted on the Township’s website the Friday before each Township Committee meeting. A final agenda is posted on the website the day before each meeting.

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Morris Township Committee meetings include two Public Comment times: one at the beginning of the meeting and one at the end.

The Public Comment period is an opportunity for citizens to express opinions, raise issues, and provide information to elected officials. 

 During the Public Comment time, you are free to bring up any topic you wish – the one exception being items for which a Public Hearing is scheduled during the meeting. Citizens are asked to share their comments on that topic during the Public Hearing time.   

Public Comment - Participation Rules: There are currently ____ members of the public joining us on Zoom.  At this time, we will open the meeting to public comment.   We will take comments from in-person attendees first, and then switch over to Zoom.  Please virtually raise your hand in Zoom to indicate you would like to speak.

Please state your name and address for the record before speaking.  Please note that comments are limited to 5 minutes per speaker.  If you have questions you would like answered, your remaining time to speak will be yielded back for this purpose.  



Public Hearings provide the opportunity for citizens to express opinions, raise issues, and share information with elected officials about a specific item scheduled on the agenda. 

The most common reason for a Public Hearing at a Township Committee meeting is when Ordinances come up for a vote by the governing body. Ordinances are typically “introduced” at one month’s meeting and voted on at the next month’s meeting.

 Occasionally Public Hearings are scheduled for other topics the governing body will vote on as well.



Meetings run best when everyone respects common courtesy and decorum.

  • Be open and honest
  • Keep your comments clear and focused
  • Respect the views of others
  • Allow others to finish speaking before commenting


Thank you for your involvement. 

We look forward to hearing from you!