Animal Control

Dog & Cat Licenses  

Through Morris Township Dept. of Health

Dog & Cat Licenses are renewable annually. Renewal applications are mailed out in January and are due in February. New pets seven(7) months of age or older must be licensed at this time or when this age is reached during the yr. 

If rabies vaccination information or spay/neutering status has changed during the year, please include the veterinarian certification so that pet records may be updated. All required documentation and the appropriate fee must be submitted with the renewal form or everything will be returned to you. A rabies vaccination must have an expiration date valid through Oct 31st of the licensing year in order to purchase an animal license. 


A annual free Rabies vaccination clinic is held early November by the Health Department. Please call 973-326-739 for location.

Animal Control Services 

Through Animal Control Solutions, LLC. 

Animal control services are provided by Animal Control Solutions, covering some of the following services:

  • Pickup of stray domestic animals
  • Pickup of wildlife (i.e., bats in living quarters of home), including those injured and ill
  • Enforcement of animal humane regulations
  • Assistance with animal census and enforcement of state and local licensing and animal ordinances

Dog and cat bites are required by law to be reported to the local health department.

  1. Thomas Dodd

    President Animal Control Solutions, LLC

  2. Fax: 908-722-2026