Rabies, Pets, & Feeding Wild Animals

It is important to protect yourself, your family, and pets from the Rabies virus by having your pets vaccinated. Within the Township there have been diagnosed cases of Rabies virus in wild terrestrial animals, mostly raccoons. Other animals that may put you, your family, or your pet at risk are stray cats, skunks, foxes, bats, and groundhogs. Avoid contact with these and other wild animals. 

Because of the seriousness of Rabies, all measures to prevent the transmission of this highly fatal disease must be taken. Residents should NOT feed wildlife. Placing food out for wildlife and stray cats attracts possibly sick animals into contact with our children and pets. Garbage receptacles should be in good condition with tight fitting lids to prevent attracting wild animals. 

Both dogs and cats are required to be licensed by the Township. Licensing provides the Health Department, Police, and Animal Control officials instant access to vaccination records should an incident occur. Fees from licensing are sent to the State to help fund the Free Rabies vaccination clinics. See the Township Calendar for rabies clinic dates. 

The Health Department receives many complaints about pet owners not picking up after their animals. Not only is this required by ordinance, but this is a common courtesy to your neighbors. Please pick up after your animals and dispose of properly. Animal feces not picked up will breed disease causing vermin. Pet waste will contaminate storm water and eventually be washed into our streams, lakes, and rivers effecting the sanitary quality.

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