How can I pay a motor vehicle summons I received?

How can I pay a motor vehicle summons I received? If you received a traffic summons you must read the back of the summons. This will explain your rights and responsibilities in detail. A summons issued for a motor vehicle crash with an injury will require a court appearance. You must contact the court at least seven days before the notice to appear date on the front of the summons, if you intend to plead not guilty. You have a right to issue a summons to the other driver within 30 days of the crash. The Joint Municipal Court may be contacted at 973-593-3026. Joint Municipal Court location: The Hartley Dodge Memorial Building 50 Kings Road Madison, NJ 07940 Once a summons is issued only the court can address a summons. As soon as possible, notify your insurance company that you were involved in a crash. Your insurance company will advise you how to file a claim if necessary.

Joint Municipal Court

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