What type of Parking is available at Convent Train Station?

Daily Metered Parking: $5 a day, weekends and holidays included. Permit Parking: Pay an annual fee. Permits are for railroad commuter use only. It is further understood that a permit does not guarantee a parking space. Permits purchased for less than a full year will be pro-rated. There is resident permit parking and non-resident permit parking. Refer to Parking Map. Resident ID Tags: Tags are available to residents, at no charge, who commute infrequently. A limited number of designated spaces are available near the platform. A $5 daily meter fee must be paid. Refer to Parking Map.

Convent Train Station Parking Map

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1. What type of Parking is available at Convent Train Station?
2. Is there overnight metered parking?
3. Where do I pay for parking?
4. Are there refunds for meter and permit parking?
5. Where can I find the Convent Station Parking Map?
6. What Department do I call for help?
7. What if there are no metered parking spaces?
8. What happens if I enter the wrong space # when paying for metered parking?
9. Is there a cost for Handicap Parking?
10. What if I'm late for the train and did not pay for metered parking?
11. Who do I contact if I inputted the wrong space # and was issued a ticket?