What if I'm late for the train and did not pay for metered parking?

Just Pay- by- Phone. Instructions below. 

  • Pay by Phone: Use mPay2Park to pay-by-phone. Register online or download the mPay2Park free application. The initial registration takes only minutes, and once established a parking transaction takes even less time. There will be a $0.30 convenience fee for each parking transaction. A days parking will cost $5.30 altogether when using mPay2Park. When an account is created you no longer have to initially deposit $25, and each subsequent parking transaction will then deduct from that initial $25(called "wallet pay") Direct Pay is now available, your card will be charged for every transaction (announcement). 
  •  View the mPay brochure or mPay2Park’s website for more information
    • Pay2Park Features
      • Parking facility locator on your mobile device.
      • Receive text message reminders, which can be set to the notification time you desire.
      • Ability to “Add Time” from anywhere.
      • Mobile App and Web access available for more info on the software.
      • Support call center.
    • How-to-Park
      • Register/log into your account.
      • Press “Park” and verify your GPS-based parking zone, or scan code/enter your zone.
      • Choose your license plate and select duration.
      • Click “Start Now.”
      • Receive confirmation receipt.
      • Receive notification of expiring parking.
      • Ability to “Add Time” or to complete session with “Stop Now.”
    • Customer Support
      • The System is provided with a 24/7 customer service support center in addition to a real-time on-line customer account management feature that would be fully accessible to subscribing Customers. Residents, businesses and visitors who use mPay2Park pay by phone parking have 24/7 access to the mPay2Park Helpdesk via a toll free number is readily available as well a customer technical support email response system. mPay2Park manages all customer phone calls and customer complaints

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