When do I need engineering or zoning permits?

A zoning permit is required for any improvement performed on the outside of the house. Any improvement other than construction on your property (i.e., walls, fences, swimming pools, driveways) would at least require a zoning permit to determine if your project is conforming to the zoning requirements. When the area of disturbance exceeds 2,500 square feet or when retaining walls are required a grading permit is required prior to work starting. If the amount of new impervious cover exceeds 500 square feet, a grading permit may be required for the project due to the need to provide dry wells to compensate for the increase in runoff.  It is best to call the office when the work is being planned to determine if any additional permits are required. Failure to obtain the necessary permit will cause the work to be shut down and cause delays in your project.

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