Anthony Amelio

Previous Chiefs
Title: Previous Chief of Police

Anthony AmelioOur seventh chief of police, Anthony Amelio, was appointed on April 1, 1998. Chief Amelio began his career in July of 1969 and was promoted to patrol sergeant in January of 1980. As a patrol sergeant he was assigned to supervise the department's first Traffic Safety Unit. In August of 1983, Sergeant Amelio was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and in May of 1985, he was promoted to the rank of captain. In May of 1995, Captain Amelio was promoted to the rank of deputy chief and the last officer to hold this rank. In 1999, our Communications Center was again completely renovated to utilize the latest state of the art technology. Under Chief Amelio our agency was the pilot program in Morris County to implement a Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team. Our agency was also one of the first Police Departments in Morris County to install video cameras in the patrol vehicles. 

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