Timothy Quinn

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Title: Previous Chief of Police

TimothyOur ninth chief of police, Timothy Quinn, was appointed chief of police on March 9, 2008. Chief Quinn joined the Morris Township Police Department as a police dispatcher in September of 1978. In January 1981, Tim graduated from the Morris County Police Academy as a member of the 14th Basic Class with the Scholastic Award for the highest grade point average in his class. In August 1996 he was promoted to Detective Sergeant and in October 1998 to Detective Lieutenant. In December 2002, Tim was promoted to captain with the overall supervision for Patrol Operations. In 2007, Tim was selected to attend the FBI National Academy. Since 2008, Chief Quinn has upgraded the patrol vehicles' camera system to a digital format, changed the appearance of the patrol vehicles to the traditional black and white, approved an upgrade to our CAD and electronic management system, expanded the Traffic Safety Unit to four officers, and reinstated our Special Operations Unit. 

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