Current Chief

  1. Mark DiCarlo

    Police Chief
    Phone: 973-326-7470

"I am excited to be able to lead the men and women of the Morris Township Police Department and have set a significant vision for our agency. Our organization is an accredited agency that maintains best practices through policy and procedures and training of our personnel. Those best practices are going to lead to our safe community. A community where police officers are trusted and called upon to keep our children, schools, businesses, residential areas and motorists as safe as possible. I convey to you the belief and trust I have in the performance of my officers and civilian staff. I respectfully request in return, that you have the same for them. I have the unique opportunity of leading a group of individuals that are committed to community collaboration and education while continually investigating and enforcing the laws that keep this community one of the best in the state. Morris Township is a diverse community and I will continue to enhance the diversity within our agency. I truly believe that public trust is gained when a police force mirrors the diversity of the community in which it serves."

Mark DiCarlo, Chief of Police