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Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program Registration

  1. The Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program tries to identify a family member that may need extra help in getting out of their home during fire emergencies.

    These family members may be infants, young children, or elderly persons with medical conditions, learning disabilities, or some other physical handicap; such as being wheel chair or oxygen dependent, working against their immediate evacuation from the home. Rescue of these family members that are incapacitated is of the highest priority to the Fire Department, and valuable seconds can be saved in a rescue if the department knows the location of these family members in the home.

    Below you will find the information that the Fire Department requests. Any and all information obtained by the department will remain confidential.

    If you have any questions about registering a family member for this program, please email the Fire Department, or call 973-326-7435.
  2. The reason the person has difficulties, such as wheel chair dependent, oxygen dependent, blind, hard of hearing, arthritis, physical handicap, and mental handicap.
  3. The location within the home that the family member can usually be found in, such as bedroom, second floor, rear, or left side of the house from front.
  4. Once a year the Fire Department will call to verify that the individual's information is still current.
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